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A New Project!

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April 20th, 2010
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Its only been about a week, but now that school is done I have far too much free time on my hands. During my free time I have stumbled across several interesting and inspiring games, most of which can be found on indiegames.com. One such game is called Minecraft and despite its out of date appearance it is rather hard to put down. Minecraft is essentially a 3d version of Miner Dig Deep and anyone who liked that game should really check out Minecraft.

(For anyone wondering about the images above, they are screen shots from Miegakure, Fez, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and Minecraft.)

Project Orion

After a day or two of playing several pixel art games, I really wanted to create my own 3D pixel art style game. I am not sure why but pixel art really appeals to me. Thus, I have opened Visual Studio and started working on the foundations of a new game. Following my tradition of code naming my projects using related words through onelook.com, the project is codenamed “orion” for the time being. I plan on making this a Xbox indie title and thus it will be a C# and XNA project.